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The Solution

A financial ecosystem that solves it all…

Financial Planning

Our simple, savvy, state-of-the-art Financial Health Check tool will provide you with your Financial Health Check Score along with a detailed Financial Health Check Report.
And there is always a SEBI-Certified Personal Financial Advisor available to help you plan…


We have packed all the tools you need to safeguard you and your loved ones in our Insurance bucket, because Protection comes first.

Protect Yourself Now

Manage Debt

It's easy to get stuck between Loans and Credit cards, but debt can also be a blessing, if managed appropriately. Let us help you with that.

Execute Investments

We have gathered various Investment options for you. All you need to do is, make a quick choice as per your goals & risk appetite, and execute within seconds.

Track Financial Health

Track your financial health with our Super-tools; real-time portfolio & goal tracker and Financial Health Check Report.
The Financial Health Check Report identifies your financial health gaps and offers data-driven, unbiased recommendations for you to act upon.


FinMapp is on a financial literacy mission. The aim is to make India financially fit. We do our bit by publishing blogs & infographics along with our HR initiative- Financial Wellness Program to help solve at the root level.

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Tax Planning & Utility Calculators

We've taken the burden away fromTax computation to help you calculate and save taxes through a simple and quick tool, along with simplifying other complex calculations for you.

Calculate Tax Now