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Author: Pramod Chandrayan

1st January, 2023

What is Financial Health Check?

We know your health matters, and we’re pretty sure you do your best to keep it in the most optimal condition.   But what about your financial state, or more specifically, your “Financial Health Check”?   Puzzled? Well, let us give you a lowdown on why good financial health is...

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17th August, 2022

All You Need To Know About BNPL

What is BNPL?You can make a purchase using the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment option without having to use your own money. Typically, you sign up with a business that offers this service, and that business collects payment when you make a purchase.However, after the lender makes a payment...

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16th August, 2022

Fixed vs. Floating Interest Rates for Home Loans

Buying a home has varied meanings for different people. The house becomes a place where we commemorate life's significant events. Our homes provide a haven for us to keep our belongings, create memories, and share meals with friends. There, we raise our children, rock our grandchildren, and live our lives,...

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22nd July, 2022

Digital Gold For The Digital Generation

Digital Gold... Are you familiar with this term? If you’re reading this, and are from India, then there’s a high chance that you know what the value of gold is.For Indians, gold is more than just an investment; it also has a legacy that no other precious metal does. In...

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19th July, 2022

How To Measure Mutual fund returns: XIRR, CAGR & Rolling Returns?

CAGR vs XIRR vs Absolute Returns? As an investor putting your hard-earned money into the hands of mutual funds managers obviously requires some homework on your part too. You need to spend some time understanding the answers to these key questions What is the legacy of the AMC(Fund house ),...

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5th July, 2022

ETF: Exchange Traded Fund For Absolute Beginners

What is an exchange traded fund and how does it work? Exchange Traded Funds I always feel: The world of finance has many investment options to offer, but you first need to identify your goals and the kind of risk you are willing to take. Once you have identified your...

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24th June, 2022

How to Begin Investing in National Pension Scheme?

What Is National Pension Scheme & How to Invest In It? If you are looking for a BETTER return along with an instrument to build a corpus of considerable size for retirement, with complete tax exemption (Exempt, Exempt, Exempt) on maturity, National Pension Scheme is your true mate. “National Pension...

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7th June, 2022

Basic Tips to Follow Before Availing a Home Loan

One of the most important items on everyone's wish list is to own a home. However, because this necessarily necessitates a large financial investment, most people have difficulty making their goal a reality.Owning a home is a dual investment since it allows you to benefit from capital appreciation on the...

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23rd May, 2022

All about the credit score you ever wanted to know

Have you ever wondered why your credit score is very low? Were you confused about why your credit or civil score came out zero when you checked the same on the credit bureaus? Were you surprised to see that your credit score came down to certain points, from the last...

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3rd May, 2022

Why Investing in Fixed Deposits is safest option?

Your investment portfolio needs to have a fixed deposit as an element.Think it’s uncool? Well, we’re going to debunk some myths and shed some more light on why you should invest in FDs! So let’s begin by knowing what FDs are!A fixed deposit, often known as an FD, is a...

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