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Author: Pramod Chandrayan

25th April, 2022

Formula to Strengthen Pillars of Financial Health

Just like our physical and mental health, financial health also plays a key role in our overall development and well-being. A good combination of physical and mental health helps keep a person fit for tasks, and even challenges that might come.Similarly, good financial health is a must in today’s modern...

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21st April, 2022

All You Need To Know About Home Loan

One of the most important items on everyone's wish list is to own a home. However, because this necessarily necessitates a large financial investment, most people have difficulty making their goal a reality.Owning a home is a dual investment since it allows you to benefit from capital appreciation on the...

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12th April, 2022

Are you financially healthy?

If you want to accomplish any task, planning is the main factor that will make or break it. If you plan well, the task can be accomplished with ease, and if you fail to plan, the task that you set out to accomplish wouldn’t even see the light of the...

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7th April, 2022

Full Financial Ecosystem Within One App

After working over two decades in the finance sector, Kumar Binit, CEO and Co-founder, FinMapp, realized something was lagging in the approach of an average Indian towards financial planning. "When I started my career, although I was working in a bank, I didn’t exactly know how impactful and necessary the...

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6th April, 2022

Know About Your Financial Health

When someone asks you about your health, the first thought that comes into your mind is to tell them about your physical health. With awareness, people have also started sharing and talking about their mental health.But do you know that when it comes to health, your finances play a crucial...

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31st March, 2022

Don’t “fool” around and avoid these investing mistakes!

You should strive to avoid making investment mistakes because they might cost you money. It takes more than just picking the correct stocks to be a successful investor. Simple errors must also be avoided, as they have the potential to destroy all of the prior hard work.Nobody is without flaws....

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28th March, 2022

Risk Profiling – a critical element for Investment

Risk Profiling Newton’s third law states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.While this law holds true when it comes to Physics, we can also relate when it comes to an individual’s investment strategy.Don’t see the correlation? Well, let us explain!When you invest in a financial market, you’re...

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24th March, 2022

Why to switch from EPF to other Financial Products?

Remember the times when your elders, especially parents, advised you to go for EPF when you start working, so that you have a corpus fund for retirement or if you want to invest that corpus to achieve some financial goal of yours.The times have changed, and while EPF is quite...

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21st March, 2022

Know How Your Property Can Help You Out In Critical Need

Loan Against Property Imagine a scenario where you require money urgently, it could be anything from pursuing higher studies, business development, or if you’re a parent, planning for a wedding. How would you go about arranging funds? You could ask your friends, family, or relatives: the only problem is that...

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16th March, 2022

Add shades of colors to your Investment

The festival of Holi is here, and as every Indian, we’re just as excited as you are! There are lots of things that make Holi special, be it playing with vibrant colors, eating several authentic Indian cuisines and sweets, spending time with loved ones amidst laughter and chatter. Here’s a...

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