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Vertical full-screen slidermousewheel, nav dot, drag/throw & arrow controls


You can control the slider in 4 ways.


Drag & Throw

Nav Dots


GreenSock Logo

This slider demo is powered by GreenSock's TweenMax along with the Draggable and ThrowProps plugins.


Side Dot Animation

See that animation on the right with the navigation dots? Its time is based on the position of the draggable element. Keep an eye on it as you drag the slides.


Random dog

Why? Because dogs are cool.

Mobile Tablet

Handy for many things

We all need a full-screen slider from time to time.

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Slider Control
Powered by GSAP
Side animation
Random dog
Sliders are useful
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Scroll up and down

Click on the nav dots

Smooth scrolling

Well done!